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Frequently Asked Questions - Anti-Aging


Question:  Do we have products that would help someone with anxiety/agorophobia? I would really appreciate any help on this. I am an associate that has been involved since 1998 and have recently started building a business. I have suffered with panic attacks and agorophobia since I was 12 years old. I really would love to here your feedback. Thank you in advance.

Answer:  CalmPlex is our product to deal with anxiety. This homeopathic product reduces nerve attacks and anxiety.


Question:  With the recent publicity about hgh,

Does taking enjuvenate compromise

anyone in the sports field?

I remember you once said that all of Unicity products are approved for use in athletic competition at the international level.

What is the difference between Enzygen and Enzygen plus?

I can only see the inclusion of 'green' enzymes which may be helpful.

Answer:  Enjuvenate is designed to elevate human growth hormone level by providing building blocks and signaling molecules that switch on the hgh synthesis. It has many more effects, such as antioxidant regeneration, and stamina improvement. It has not been tested for doping related substances, similar to the sports line. Our specifications, however, ensure the absence of such compounds.

The difference between Enzygen and Enzygen plus is the enzyme blend, which is more advanced in the plus version, and also the digestive benefits of blue-green algae. Return to Top

Liver Essentials

Question:  How does one improve the metabolism rate of the liver? What products can they take?

Answer:  The best thing for the liver is to ensure proper nourishment. Since the liver detoxifies many toxins in our body, it needs strong antioxidant protection to function properly. Liver Essentials is our premium liver nourishment product.

Question:   Our Sport line is outstanding and the Olympic committee validation makes me proud to offer Unicity products to folks.  I have read some information on nitrate oxide for body building.  Do we have any products with nitrate oxide in them?  Are there any negative side effects from nitrate oxide and does the Olympic committee approve of using this substance?

Answer:  Nitrate Oxide is not a supplement that can be taken.  It is formed in the body by taking arginine, an amino acid found in products such as LoveRx.  It forms nitrate oxide which promotes blood flow to extremities. It is what we call a vasual dilater, component that increases blood flow.  That is why it is used for body building to make sure that your whole body gets that energy.  The Olympic committee has nothing to do with approving this substance because it is a part of our body chemistry.  Arginine is used in LoveRx because it promotes blood flow and has a similar effect as Viagra. It promotes the formation of nitrate oxide.

Question:  Can I take Liver Essentials along with my other Unicity products or should I discontinue my other products for a month while I take the Liver Essentials only?

Answer:  Yes you can. There is no reason to discontinue the other products. Liver Essentials provides nutrients to strengthen your liver. Our liver needs strong antioxidants to counter damage incurring to our liver when it detoxifies substances, such as alcohol, medication, and many others.

Question:  I have a friend who has Liver Disease.  When he's not taking care of himself well such as not eating much he has major attacks with much pain, which he went through a weekend almost putting him in the hospital.  Does our Liver Essentials repair a damaged liver?  What can we do for him?  The bio on it says for a healthy person.  Help if you can.  Thanks in advance!

Answer:  Liver Essentials is a product to nourish the liver, and provide it with nutrients so that it can do its job right in the body, which is detoxifying and providing protection against free radicals.

A damaged liver will not be repaired by the product, but the product will provide the liver with a better strength to fight off any damage. Return to Top

Vision Complete

Question:  I have a friend that just ordered vision complete and bioslife complete. She is worried that taking both will be taking too much vitamin A. She is having vision problems like seeing floaters. She would like to know if it's ok to take both vision complete and bioslife complete. She is also borderline diabetic, so I suggested that she start taking bioslife complete.

Answer:  The council for responsible nutrition sets the upper level for vitamin A at 10,000 IU. The products combined deliver 5,750 IU per day, so there is no problem. Return to Top


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