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Frequently Asked Questions - Bone & Joint


Question:  Ostivone listed as an ingredient in BoneMate, is not listed in the new BoneMate Plus. Is this ingredient being substituted with something else and what is the reasoning behind it?

Answer:  Ipriflavone and soy isoflavones do the same thing in activating bone building cells and de-activating bone-removing cells. We chose the soy isoflavones for BoneMate Plus because of emerging new science behind these ingredients. Moreover, we believe that soy is a more acceptable ingredient in our market.

Question:  I have been taking CoreHealth vitamins for Women and BoneMate.  If I switch to the new BoneMate Plus will I be getting too much vitamin D?

Answer:  No, we at Unicity know that people will be taking multiple supplements we make sure that logical combinations will never result in over dose of vitamins and minerals.  You can take logical combinations and that will never be a problem.  BoneMate Plus has vitamin D unlike BoneMate.  We added vitamin D to make it a stand alone product.  BoneMate Plus has 400 IU of vitamin D.  The upper safe level that has been established by the Council for Responsible Nutrition is 2400 IU of vitamin D, 6 times as high as BoneMate Plus.  You should not be worried about over consumption of vitamin D in BoneMate Plus or CoreHealth Pack

Question:  I am primarily concerned about the soy isoflavones and their safety for a breast cancer survivor.
BoneMate Plus contains soy isoflavones, these natural estrogenic compounds switch off bone removing cells (osteoclasts) and switch on bone building cells (osteoblasts). Is this safe for a woman who has had breast cancer?

I was cautioned about taking soy products because there was not enough evidence at the time about how the compounds could act as both an estrogen as well as an antiestrogen at the same time. I am almost 60 years old and fully postmenopausal now. I take about 1500 mg of calcium (plus vitamin D) including Women's Formula with the Calcium D-Glucarate. I also take Fosamax and so far have very little bone density loss.

Answer:  The research about soy isoflavones can be confusing. Many stories about possible negative influences of pure soy isoflavones come from test tube studies in which the ingredients are tested in absurd high doses. So high that it is completely unrealistic to translate that to human use. What is clear, though, is that soy-eating nations around the world have protective effects of soy ingredients for many health concerns. In fact, the data show that soy isoflavones are protective for breast cancer. The following excerpt is from the natural products database:

Evidence from population studies suggests that Asian women who eat a diet high in soy have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Soy food intake during adolescence seems to correlate with decreased incidence of breast cancer among Chinese women.

"This benefit persists even when Asian women immigrate to the Western cultures where soy is less likely to be a regular component of the diet. This suggests that early exposure to soy might be important for protection against breast cancer later in life.

"The estrogenic effect of soy might also be more pronounced in Asian women, possibly because of an ethnic difference in response. Some epidemiologic research in Japan suggests that miso (fermented soybean paste) soup and dietary isoflavone consumption reduces breast cancer risk, but other soy foods do not. In Western-culture populations, an association between soy and breast cancer risk has not been established. Total dietary intake of phytoestrogens among Western-culture middle-aged women doesn't appear to be related, positively or negatively, to breast cancer risk.

"Some researchers have evaluated the effects of soy in patients with existing breast cancer. In one study, women with breast cancer, who took a soy isoflavone extract 200 mg/day for 2 weeks prior to surgery, did not seem to have any change in breast cancer cell growth. More evidence is needed to determine the effect of soy on patients with existing breast cancer.

Epidemiological studies are much more informative than test tube studies in this regard.

Question:  Can phosphoric acid in colas cause calcium depletion?

Answer:  High phosphate intake is only a problem in relation to bone when the kidneys are no longer healthy, and are unable to remove excess phosphate from the diet. In healthy normal people this does not appear to be a problem.

Question:  I am wondering if the Vitamin K in Bone Mate presents a problem for my father who is on coumadin to keep his blood thin.  He has developed osteoporosis and we are looking for ways to increase his calcium absorption to build up his bone mass density. Please advise.

Answer:  The vitamin K in the product is a dose close to the RDA, so there is not real problem to be expected.

Question:  I have a client that faithfully took our "old" Bonemate for 2 years.  Her bone scan proved that her Osteoporosis was reversed!  Now, we have the new BoneMate Plus formula.  She has noticed that the very hard tablets are not always dissolving/digesting (she had found 2 on 2 occasions in the toilet after it was flushed; she noted that the outer coating seemed to be off, but the tablet was intact otherwise).

I suggested that she chew the tablets before swallowing; these are almost too hard to break up (she is using a knife to cut them and try to make them into smaller pieces).

She takes all of her supplements with her meal....and with Enzygen to help ensure better digestion.  Since the problem did not occur with the old BoneMate, what is going on with the new formulation? 

Answer:  Enzygen will not breakdown calcium pills. This product provides enzymes to breakdown fats and carbs. The new boneMate is better than the old one in terms of ingredients, calcium levels and absorbablility.  Apparently they are compressed harder. Best would be to pre-dissolve them in a glass of water. Return to Top


 Question:  I saw a claim that Cal Mag helped Varicose Veins disappear.

 Do you agree?  What product would you suggest for helping the veins to disappear, or - is that not possible?

Answer:  Susie, I am not aware of this, but you may give it a try. Our research does not support any claims for varicose veins, unfortunately. Return to Top

CM Plex

Question:  What is the best combination to offer someone who has suffered with the pain of rheumatoid arthritis for many years?

Answer:  Case reports indicate that taking both CM Plex Cream and CM Plex Capsules at the same time can help with this inflammatory disease as well even though the products are actually designed for osteoarthritis. CM Plex contains cetyl myristoleate, which has anti-inflammatory effects.

Question:  I have a client who is experiencing some bleeding after undergoing radiation treatment for prostate cancer.
His doctor recommended eaten soft foods, no fruits and veggies. He was taking aspirin for arthritis, but had to stop taking it. Will CM Plex work without introducing a possibility of bleeding? What products should be recommended to help accelerate the healing process? The doctor had no recommendation other than the diet modification.

Answer:  CM Plex will not interfere with the bleeding process. The products contain a little amount of fish oil, but not enough to actually increase the fluidity of the blood. Wound healing is promoted by an amino acid called arginine. Unicity has a product called LoveRx that has a lot of arginine in it. In this product it promotes blood flow to extremities.

Question:  Please tell me the difference in the following three products:

 CM Plex

 Glucosamine AJF

 MSM Complex

Answer:  CM Plex is an anti-inflammatory fatty acid product that counters pain in your joints. It also has overall anti-inflammatory properties in our body, combating, e.g., heart inflammation.

Glucosamine is a building block for lost cartilage in your joints. The combination with CM Plex is ideal is one has (osteo) arthritis.

MSM complex works differently and also stimulates cartilage repair.

I advise the use of the first two products if one is suffering from painful joints, due to cartilage loss.

Question:  I have a customer dealing with spinal stenosis.  Apparently, it is a joint problem in the spine.   I'm wondering if CM Plex would be helpful to him.  

Answer:  If there is inflammation involved, yes. CM Plex is anti-inflammatory, but will not rebuild cartilage. For that we have Glucosamine AJF. Return to Top


CM Plex