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Frequently Asked Questions - Digestive Health

Aloe Vera:

Question:  If Aloe Vera tablets taken one per day as suggested, causes a violent laxative effect, should it be discontinued?

Answer:  Yes, it can be discontinued if you suffer unbearable laxative effects. Or you might want to cut the tablet in half and see if that works better.

BiosLife / LiFiber

 Question:  LiFiber is not available in the Singapore market, can Bios Life2 (the new Bios Life is also not available) be substituted as part of the cleanse system?

Answer:  Yes, Bios Life2 will also aid in cleansing the digestive tract, because it contains a lot of fiber. The LiFiber product, however, also contains intestinal soothing ingredients, and mucosa protecting ingredients, so it will be more effective for cleansing than Bios Life.

Question:  What is the difference between LiFiber and BiosLife?

Answer:  They are both fiber products, and they can be combined if you want more fiber in your diet.  BiosLife is designed as a soluble fiber to lower cholesterol and to interfere with glucose absorbance for Diabetics.  LiFiber is insoluable fiber, not designed for cholesterol or glucose absorbance but to clean out your intestinal system.  It is like a brush, brushing out the inside of your intestinal system.  It also has a lot of herbal extracts with soothing properties for your intestinal system. Return to Top

Paraway Pack

Question:  What should be taken along with the Paraway Pack for treating Fibromyalgia?

Answer:  Fibromyalgia is a chronic inflammation of tissues in the body. There have been some positive results with CM Plex in ameliorating symptoms of this painful disease. CM Plex has been developed for osteo-arthritis, but since it is a systemic (throughout the body) anti-inflammatory fatty acid mixture, it may explain some of the positive effects in fibromyalgia. We are currently trying CM Plex in a pilot trial setting with this disease in Germany.

Question:  Does the Paraway Pack interfere with absorption of other supplements? Can someone who has dangerous levels of Triglycerides / LDL and has been taking Bios Life for about two weeks, also use the Paraway Pack to cleanse?

Answer:  Paraway Pack and Bios Life can be taken at the same time. There is no reason to separate them. Paraway does not reduce absorption of other supplements, just the opposite, it increases the absorption because the intestinal tissues are cleansed and therefore are becoming more active for absorption.

Question:  My brother is about to do a cleanse and we were wondering if he should be increasing the amount of Paraway he needs to take because of his weight. He is 20 yrs old and weighs 360 lbs ideally he should weigh about 240 lbs and is in the process of losing weight.  Can you please recommend a dosage that would be appropriate for him, if applicable?

Answer:  Yes, a person weighing more could need twice as high concentration to get the same effect.  Basically it all goes by body weight.  Paraway works a little differently because it works in the intestinal tract, a person weighing more does not have a longer intestinal tract so you would want to do it slowly adding additional product of Paraway, Other products such as fish oil, vitamins, Cellular Essentials could certainly be doubled.

Question:  What types of parasites and what location in the body does the Paraway Pack affect? Do we have any studies?

Answer:  The Paraway Pack mainly affects the parasites in the intestinal tract. There is some indication that parasites in other sites may be affected. Unicity has other products that are specifically designed for blood and liver cleansing, such as Red Clover Plus and Liver Essentials. We have not performed a primary clinical study with Paraway Plus, but there is ample research on the individual ingredients. The R&D department is currently preparing a science brief of Paraway Pack, and this one will be ready by the end of April for distribution.

Question:  Can someone with fibromyalgia, who is taking the medications Meloxicam and Amitriptyline, still use the Paraway cleanse and would it still be as effective?

Answer:  There are no contraindications for Paraway Pack in relation to medication use. The parasite expelling effect of the product will still be active.

Question:  If someone is starting the cleansing with Paraway Plus is it beneficial to also take Bios Life or is it not recommended?

Answer:  Both products can be taken together at the same time. Bios Life will aid the cleansing process, in a similar way as LiFiber does.

Question:  An obese woman in her mid 40's is a diabetic, she is on insulin; said she has some kind of bacteria growing on the fold of her skin, she doesn't know why she has gained so much weight.  I want to start her on the Paraway pack, what I am not sure about is about her diabetes. Do I have her do the Paraway pack the first month, then the second month I start her on shakes, protein snacks, eating more fruits and veggies. I don't know about giving her ChitoRich and PowerBurn. I want to advise her to start walking at least around the block. (She is currently on a electric chair to get around.) Would that be ok or is that too much. I don't want her health to get worse.

Answer:  To start with a cleansing cycle is a very good idea for this lady. She will clean out her intestinal tract, and make the absorption of vitamins and minerals more effective. This will be a big help to start with. Second, introducing vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fruits and vegetables, and fiber will improve her health situation considerably. I would wait with the chitorich and powerburn for now, until the basic nutritional program has had its effect.

Question:  I was told during a bio-feedback session that my body is not absorbing minerals and nutrients.  Any suggestions? I did the Paraway Pack in January.

Answer:  This is highly unlikely. Without absorption one could not survive. The Paraway pack will improve absorption in the intestinal tract. I would advise to redo the cleansing step, and perhaps repeat it after two months. Return to Top


Question:  How important is the "refrigeration" requirement for this product?  While cleaning my office found a box containing 2 orders of Probionic that I received in March. Can I still safely take this product even though it has not been under refrigeration?  Does the potency suffer if not kept cold, or does the product actually deteriorate.  Not planning on selling it, but was bought for my own consumption, and don't want to throw it away, unless it is unsafe.  Please advise.

Answer:  This product contains live cultures, and they will deteriorate when the product is not refrigerated. Given the time frame there will be a substantial amount of bacteria present, but not the full 100%. It is, however, not unsafe to take the product now.

Question:  I am a Business Associate and am discussing our products with a clinic which treats autistic children.  Before considering recommending any these products for their patients, the doctors at this clinic want to see detailed clinical data about these items such as, for example, PROBIONIC.  While I can easily find such data regarding our BIOSLIFE (eq. Cleveland Clinic data), I have not found this material regarding eg., PROBIONIC.  I would be most grateful if you could direct me to such material or e-mail it to me at your convenience. 

 Answer:  We do not have primary clinical data for Probionic.  This product comprises a number of GI flora and these individual bacteria have been studied by others (though I am not sure for autism). Return to Top

Super Chlorophyll Powder

Question:  My friend told me that she got thyroid and have underwent an operation after she took Super Chlorophyll over a period of one year.  She consulted her doctor about it and was told that the Super Chlorophyll has caused her problem. Is there anything in Super Chlorophyll that would cause a thyroid problem?

Answer:  No, I guess that the doctor doesn't know the reason and blames this product. Super Chlorophyll is beneficial for the digestive tract and is a natural product that will not influence the thyroid function. Many people have thyroid problems that are caused by other mechanisms. Return to Top


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