Bios Life is a patented blend of natural ingredients that provides breakthrough benefits - both immediate and long-term - to the body.
Frequently Asked Questions - General

Question: I have been taking Rexall Showcase International / Unicity Products for 10 years, what is the proper way to take the supplements to get the maximum effect out of the product.

Answer:  That's an easy one, take as directed on the bottle. I assume you mean what time of the day to take them. In principle it really doesn't matter what time of the day you take them with exceptions of BiosLife, ChitoRich, and Equalean that should be taken close to a meal because they have an effect on the meal.  Most vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables and herbal extracts does not matter what time of the day you take them.  Some people take everything in the morning some people prefer to take with food because of GI discomfort.  It doesn't matter as for as the absorption over the day is concerned.

Question:  Are Unicity products such as Bio-C, Daily Produce, Core Health, Immunizen, and Glucosamine, which contain plant products, made from organic sources?

Answer:  Where applicable our products contain organic-grade ingredients. Products containing ingredients such as calcium, glucosamine, colostrum, etc, while "natural," are not derived from plants, and therefore cannot be considered "organic."

Question:  Does Unicity have any products that help with Psoriasis, the life-long disease?

Answer:  We do not have any products that are specifically designed for psoriasis. Some research indicates that vitamin D applied topically may treat plaque-type psoriasis in some patients. Other researched ingredients are topically applied aloe vera and fish oil. Also DHA and EPA applied intravenously may assist for this problem.

Question:  Due to the high glycemic index and synthetic nature, why is maltodextrin used in some of our products?

Answer:  Maltodextrin is a natural carbohydrate and not synthetic. It is produced by enzymatic breakdown of starch, similar to the process in our own body. Its role, when used in a product, is to make it dissolve well.

Question:  Should our nutritional supplements be refrigerated?

Answer:  No, our products have a guaranteed shelf life listed when stored as indicated on the box.

Question:  Why do we have our nutrition formulations listed in the regular Physicians' Desk Reference as opposed to the supplement PDR?

Answer:  We reach a much wider audience if we list our products in the regular PDR. This is the book that that every health care professional gets anyway. The other issues have to be specifically ordered, and therefore, fewer health care professionals would have access to our product information.

Question:  Is there a single listing of all testing and research done on Unicity's products? I particularly need references to the scientific papers showing the full details of the studies.

Answer:  We are building a website with this information that will be launched at the New York City convention. In the mean time, you are welcome to ask us for specific studies by addressing your questions to [email protected]

Question:  Why do Unicity products (and most other health supplements) have the FDA notice: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease? Does this mean that the product is not FDA approved?

Answer:  In the US, the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) regulates the sale of supplement products. The DSHEA allows manufacturers to freely market their products. There is no approval process from the FDA, but in return the manufacturers have to put that statement on their products. There is no dietary supplement in the US that is FDA approved, because they simply do not do it. The statement has only to do with regulation environment, not with quality.

Question:  Why are certain products not available for sale in all markets? Is it because local health authorities do not approve of the active ingredients used in the products?

Answer:  Different countries have different regulations and that is why not all products can be sold everywhere. This has no health reasons, just bureaucratic ones.

Question:  A woman in her mid forties has Fuch's Corneal Dystrophy and her vision is cloudy at this time, is there any help we can give her?  This runs in families and her Mother has it as well.

Answer:  We do not have a product that is known to help this health concern.  Some research on the patients groups websites gave me this information:

 Salt solutions such as sodium chloride drops or ointment are often prescribed to draw fluid from the cornea and reduce swelling.  Another simple technique that reduces moisture in the cornea is to hold a hair dryer at arms length, blowing air into the face with the eyes closed.  This technique draws moisture from the cornea, temporarily decreasing swelling, and improves the vision.

Question:  What is the difference between our minerals and these plant derived minerals? Is there an obvious benefit with ours? Appreciate your time

Answer:  I do not know what you mean with "these plant derived minerals". Minerals are minerals, regardless of the source. The form in which they come, however, determines its bioavailability, or the amount absorbed. Our minerals are of superb absorbability, and guaranteed by individual studies.

Question:  I've received a question from a friend from India concerning the drinking of purified water in Singapore.  Her understanding is that our body will build up a resistance (immune system) for drinking not so "pure" water. After drinking purified water, our body will not have the resistance as before. Is this a true or is this a myth.

This friend of mine is afraid that when she returns to India later her body system might not be able to withstand the so pure water back in India.

Please advise. This will help in selling the purifier to less developed countries with a lesser stringent water system. Thanks for your help.

Answer:  Interesting question. I do think that our body develops immunity against impurities in water, provided they are not too serious. It is commonly known that people who are not used to drinking water in certain countries when on vacation will develop a bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract and this may result in diarrhea. If the body gets used to clean water, and when somebody returns to impure water, if that results in non-resistance: I would not know. It would make sense though, since it likely has to do with bacteria. Composition of the bacterial flora in the gut may change after a period of pure drinking water. Return to Top