Bios Life® is a patented blend of natural ingredients that provides breakthrough benefits - both immediate and long-term - to the body.
Frequently Asked Questions - Heart Health

Bios Life®

Question: Can you specifically define the differences between Bios Life Complete® and the Bios Life 2® products that we have been using for years?

Answer:  The new Bios Life Complete contains everything that is in BL2, which lowered cholesterol with one mechanism but we have added three additional mechanisms. 1. Policosanol, which is a very effective inhibitor of cholesterol synthesis in the liver, 2. PhytoSterols are components from plants that look like cholesterol and fool our bodies into thinking it is dealing with new cholesterol, they keep the body busy working on the phytosterols that cannot be absorbed so that the real cholesterol will no longer be absorbed either.  3. Chrysanthemum, a flower that has a great track record for health promoting concerns, it effectively breaks down cholesterol in the body.  Bios Life Complete is the only patented product that lowers cholesterol in four different ways.

Question:  How long should you wait after taking Bios Life to take other supplements, such as Pro TLC, PhytoPath and CoQ10?

Answer:  This is also the same for other medications. With 95% - 98% of ingredients we take into our bodies, there will be no interaction, but it slows down the system, so that the absorption will be slower but the total amount of vitamins, minerals and other medications absorbed will still be the same. With most vitamins there is still absorption from the fiber matrix into the blood.  The fiber bonds with the minerals and increases the absorbability.  For medications the box says 1 hour before and 4 hours after, because that is the law.  If you should take your medications with a meal take it with Bios Life because Bios Life is a food.  If you should take your medications on an empty stomach take them one hour before your breakfast and don't take Bios Life until your lunch and dinner meals. 

Question:  I am a type1 diabetic and I am on an insulin pump.  I have noticed that I have better blood sugar control with Bios Life Complete than I did with Bios Life 2.  Does Bios Life Complete have more stuff in it to help stabilize blood sugar?

Answer:  Bios Life Complete contains Bios Life 2, only with less fiber content; both are very efficient in controlling diabetes.  If you have diabetes, take Bios Life Complete three times a day instead of two to get the fiber.  Fiber stabilizes the glucose levels in the blood.  Bios Life balances the carbohydrate absorption from your food.  Bios Life Complete has a lot more ingredients on top of the ingredients in Bios Life 2.  Bios Life Complete is equally as good for type1 diabetics as it is for type 2.

Question:  There is very little new peer reviewed science on Bios Life.  I have been using the product for about ten years. Certainly there is the ability to come up with more data points.

Answer:  In the last two years we have published a number of informational studies on Bios Life.  We went to the American Heart Association proving the effect of Bios Life 2 in a group of type 2 diabetics.  We have just been involved with three clinical studies that are being written up now, two will be presented to the American Heart Association in Denver in April and the third will be completed in a few months.  We have started a fourth study and will be doing two more studies this year.  We will continually be doing more clinical studies. 

Question:  When it is suggested that Bios Life is to be taken before a meal does the size of the meal matter?

Answer:  Not that much only that when you have a bigger meal the more you eat the more cholesterol you will have in your system from the meal so that the Bios Life will have a bigger job to absorb that cholesterol.

Question:  From a Cardiologist It sounds like Bios Life Complete has a form of H&G collate similar inhibitors that are the basis of statins.  Does Unicity research show potential liver effects in patients that are already using statin medications?

Answer:  Policosanol in Bios Life Complete works in a similar way as statins but it is not the same thing.  Statins bind in the cavity of the enzyme to prevent it from working and policosanol binds on the outside to prevent in a different way, so the side effects are not present with policosanol .  With statins after 12 weeks certain proteins are being made by the liver that indicates the damage that is occurring.  Unicity checked liver perameters in a study in guam, we looked at base line liver perameters and after 6-12 weeks nothing showed that the liver was effected in any way.

Question:  Bios Life is very difficult to drink, why don't you have a tablet form?

Answer:  Bios Life Complete is much improved in taste and is easier to drink.  With tablets or capsules you would need to take 7-8 per serving to get the amount of material in one serving of Bios Life.  More importantly the correct effect of Bios Life happens because it is dissolved in water together with the calcium salt in it and forms a large gel matrix to get the proper effect.  A tablet would be very highly condensed and would not form the gel matrix.

Question:  What can a 15 year old do to maintain clean arteries? Can they take Bios Life? How much? At what age can children start taking Bios Life?

Answer:  Bios Life can be safely taken by a 15 year old, it can be taken by children as early as 12 years of age. It is advisable to start with one packet a day, to have the intestinal system get used to the increased fiber intake.

Question:  Can children take Bios Life?

Answer:  Fiber is good for any age group.  It regulates cholesterol and the digestive system.  More kids have a problem with cholesterol now than in the past.  Children, starting from 12 years of age can take Bios Life.  Begin with only once a day until the system adjusts.

Question:  Why in Bios Life Complete is there 2 mg of cholesterol listed on the facts label?  Which ingredient does this come from?

Answer:  Bios Life is a food, so by law, it has to have Nutrition Facts label.  Phytosterols, an oily component, has a small amount of cholesterol in it.  This is only 2% of amount of cholesterol in a normal diet.  Ingredients in Bios Life Complete overwhelm this.  Most people get about 300 - 600 mg of cholesterol daily in their diets.

Question:  What products impact a high celiac reactive protein problem?

Answer:  We have approached this in our studies in Guam.  Celiac reactive protein is a protein that circulates in your system and is a factor in heart disease.  On average, Bios Life Complete reduces celiac reactive protein.  We need to do some additional studies on this.

Question:  What is the difference in Bios Life and LiFiber?

Answer:  Bios Life is our cholesterol lowering product, it is mainly soluble fiber.  Lifiber is designed to clean out your digestive system, it contains more insoluble fiber than soluble fiber to clean out the intestinal system and it also contains a lot of herbal extracts to nourish and sooth the inside of the digestive tract.  You can combine both without any problem.

Question:  Will Bios Life 2 be discontinued?

Answer:  No, it is still available for the time being, that will be decided by demand.  Bios Life Complete is a much improved product over Bios Life 2.

Question: Is there any evidence that four scoops or packets of Bios Life Complete per day can cause a faster and more substantial change in LDL and HDL levels?

Answer: Yes, we know that more is better.  When you take more fiber you will better stabilize your cholesterol.  With our studies we followed the package directions to get the published results, so following directions you should expect to get those same results, using more is good it will give better results.

Question:  What is the daily dose of Bios Life Complete?  Is one packet a day, in the morning, sufficient to maintain already good cholesterol levels?

Answer:  Two packets or servings of Bios Life works best when combined with a substantial meal, preferably at lunch or dinner.  It is good to take it in the morning also as long as you take it at the heaviest meal of the day.  The benefits of Bios Life are good for you, even if you have good cholesterol levels it is advised to take 2 packets a day.  This helps to prevent you from going from good to bad levels of cholesterol as you grow older and cholesterol goes up.  There are a lot of benefits on top of the cholesterol lowering effect.  It will promote good immune levels and digestive tract effects of fiber. 

Question:  If I am on the LifeHealth System or CoreHealth, they contain Bios Life 2, can I upgrade and go to the Bios Life Complete?

Answer:  Yes, you can create an easyship or autoship by calling the order line at 1-800-Unicity and upgrade your easyship to have Bios Life Complete in it instead of Bios Life 2. 

Question:  Do you know your number?

Answer:  You need to know your numbers and what they mean.  Bios Life is the only clinically proven patented natural alternative to statin drugs.

Question:  A nurse practitioner just questioned me about the use of sucralose in Bios Life Complete, claiming a "very bad reputation" for sucralose. She asked about the company's position on this matter. Any feedback?

Answer:  We believe sucralose is a good non-caloric sweetener for products like Bios Life Complete. Many products, the whole world over, use this sweetener. Sweeteners like sugar or fructose are unacceptable for many of our clients. However, I can announce to you we will soon have a non-sweetened, non-flavored form of Bios Life available in the U.S. market that you can mix with any drink, such as juice, to make your personal favorite drink.

Question:  If the policosanol in Bios Life lowers cholesterol in a similar way to statin drugs, does that mean that it will inhibit the Co-A Reductase enzyme thereby suppressing the production of cholesterol? That being the case, then could it give rise to liver damage and Muscular Myopathy?

Answer:  The fact that statin drugs suppress that enzyme is not the reason they cause damage to the liver. It is probably the cleanup of the statins by the liver that causes these problems. Policosanol works the same, but does not exert the damage to the liver as statins do, as proven by a number of studies, including our own with Bios Life.

Question:  Why does a person with a regular diet containing lots of fish and vegetables, without much seafood and fried food, have high cholesterol of 343mg/dl? Could it be a genetic problem?

Answer:  Cholesterol comes from two main sources in the body. One is diet; the other is the body's own production in the liver. That last portion accounts for 75% of the cholesterol pool. Diet is therefore important, but not as important as our own production.

People that have a genetic difference in cholesterol synthesis is called FH (familial hypercholesterolemia), and they have a higher cholesterol level regardless of their diet. So it is certainly possible to have a cholesterol level of 343 mg/dl.

Bios Life will be effective for this type of patient as well, since it combines four different mechanisms of lowering cholesterol.

Question:  Does Bios Life help if the person who is taking the product has genetic problems which caused the high cholesterol?

Answer:  Yes, Bios Life works as well for those people. The 4 different mechanisms make sure that liver synthesis of cholesterol is reduced, and conversion of cholesterol into bile acids is promoted.

Question:  How much chromium is in Bios Life and how much is considered toxic?

Answer:  According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the maximum level for chromium is 1000 mcg. There is 55 mcg per serving in Bios Life.

Question:  What is the potassium level in Bios Life and Daily Produce 24? Is this product safe to use for patients with a kidney problem?

Answer:  The amount of potassium is from the naturally occurring whole food product and therefore should be very nominal levels, below the 2% daily value. We do not add potassium to the blend.

Question:  Is the Bios Life with policosanol safe to use for someone who has confirmed statin problems including elevated liver enzymes and muscle problems?

Answer:  The policosanol in Bios Life lowers cholesterol in a similar way as statin medications. A number of studies indicate that the policosanol had no effect on liver enzymes or other metabolic panel parameters after 12 weeks use. However there is no reason to believe that one can not take Bios Life forever. The ingredients have all been used for decades in people, and are part of normal diets around the world.

Question:  Why did we reduce the amount of fiber in the new Bios Life? Are we going after the diabetic market or the heart market?

Answer:  We were able to reduce the amount of fiber in the product because of the addition of three more great mechanisms to lower cholesterol. The overall effectiveness of the product has been greatly improved; we were recently awarded a patent on the combination, so that means that those 4 ingredients combined did not exist in any product before.

Bios Life is firstly designed to be a cholesterol lowering product. The fiber content of the product, however, is also controlling glucose imbalances in the blood, and that is specifically important for diabetics. Our advice is if you have diabetes is to use the product three times daily before every meal. You will get more fiber than with BL 2, and you have the additional benefits of lowering cholesterol. For diabetics this is even more important, since the advised LDL and TC levels are even lower for persons that have additional risk factors for heart disease, such as diabetics. Bios Life Complete is the only natural side-effect free clinically proven product to lower cholesterol with effects that are better than statin medication, and certainly safer.

Question:  I recently heard that Bios Life2 is better for type 2 diabetes than the new Bios Life. Is this so?

Answer:  No, that is not true. The new Bios Life has a slightly lower amount of fiber in it and that may be the source of the misinformation. Bios Life has an adequate amount of fiber in it to effectively control glucose levels in diabetics. Diabetics may take the new Bios Life three times a day to get the benefit of soluble fiber plus all the other nutraceuticals that lower cholesterol effectively, which is an additional problem that diabetics face. We are currently involved in three clinical trials with Bios Life in subjects with diabetes. We hope to be able to present the results to you during the New York Convention in August 2006.

Question:  What is the benefit of switching to the new Bios Life when Bios Life2 is working fine?

Answer:  The benefit of taking the new Bios Life is that the cholesterol will be lowered even more effectively than with Bios Life2.

Question:  When are the clinical studies for Bios Life expected to be finished and/or published?

Answer:  We are in the middle of publishing the clinical studies. We will have that information available soon. This issue already lists the results of the studies in abstract form.

Question:  Are there any known side effects, to the kidneys, liver, etc., in taking Bios Life?

Answer:  None. Our studies included complete liver metabolic panels which showed no changes in the standard parameters that would indicate damage to these organs.

Question:  What is the percent or mg amount of policosanol and what is the breakdown of the phytosterols in Bios Life?

Answer:  Bios Life contains 6 mg of policosanol and 1 gram of phytosterols (including beta sitosterol, stigmasterol, and campesterol) per serving.

Question:  Is niacin or niacinamide used in Bios Life?

Answer:  Bios Life contains niacinamide, however both forms are labeled identically, according to US food law.

Question:  Will Unicity develop a product containing vitamin B6, folic acid, and vitamin B12 used for the treatment of hyperhomocystinemia a cardiac risk factor, to compete with the over the counter product Folbee that is already available for this purpose?

Answer:  We have that product, it is called Bios Life. The ingredients are in there and the study at the Cleveland Clinic has proved that it lowers Homocysteine.

Question:  Does Bios Life have any positive impact on gout, fibromyalgia, or lupus?

Answer:  The product was not designed for these health concerns so we are not aware of any positive effects for these concerns while taking Bios Life. We encourage, however, to get reports from people about the positive effects that Bios Life may have had for them, in the cholesterol lowering, diabetes treatment, or other health concerns. Please submit your stories to [email protected]

Question: What are your thoughts of Bios Life Complete for people with liver disease such as, Hepatitis B or Sclerosis of the liver?

Answer: I assume you mean not as an improvement to the liver but is it dangerous for people who have those diseases. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver and Sclerosis is from alcohol consumption, BioLife Complete will not improve those diseases but it is not dangerous for those diseases either so it will not have a bad effect.

Question:  Bios Life used to be promoted to aid in the assistance of weight loss. Why has that changed?

Answer:  About ten years ago it was discovered that soluble fiber had greater benefits than just aiding in weight loss. It is also very beneficial in lowering cholesterol and thereby the risk of heart disease. Of course the weight loss effects of Bios Life are still present. The feeling of fullness results in a lower food consumption.

Question:  Will Bios Life be as effective if mixed with a carbonated drink such as Diet Pepsi?

Answer:  As long as one does not mix Bios Life with warm water, it is ok. Carbonated water or soda pop does not interfere with the mechanisms. Should you heat the product, the phytonutrients present in the product may be destroyed and that will limit the effectiveness of the product.

Question:  Bios Life Complete has two mg of cholesterol listed on the nutrition facts label which ingredient does this come from?

 Answer: Bios Life Complete is a food.  That is why we must include nutritional facts on the label. The phytosterols in the product, which amounts to 1 gram per serving and 2 grams per daily dose, contains a minute amount of cholesterol in fact 2 mg amount for 2% of daily intake of cholesterol so it is very, very low.   But, don't worry, it is so little amount that it will not have any effect on total cholesterol levels and other ingredients in Bios Life Complete will counteract your high cholesterol levels.

Question:  What is the glycemic index of Bios Life?

Answer:  This has never been measured, but since the glycemic index (GI) determines the effect a product has on the glucose levels in the blood, we can safely assume that the GI for Bios Life is very low, if not zero. Fibers are the only carbohydrates in the product, but they are not digested or absorbed into the blood stream.

Question:  Red Yeast Rice is a product gaining a lot of steam in the market place for the reduction of cholesterol. What is the difference between this and Bios Life?

Answer:  Red Yeast Rice may lower cholesterol, but only through one mechanism. There have also been concerns about impurities that may be toxic. Bios Life lowers cholesterol in four ways, and without any side-effects.

This is an excerpt of the natural products database:

Orally, red yeast can cause gastritis, abdominal discomfort, and elevated liver enzymes. In clinical studies, heartburn, flatulence, and dizziness were reported infrequently and did not result in study withdrawal. Anaphylaxis following inhalation of red yeast has also been reported.

Like HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (statins) drugs, red yeast may cause rhabdomyolysis, which is related to the mevinic acids that it contains.
The contaminant citrinin may be found in some products containing red yeast. Citrinin is a nephrotoxin that results from incorrect rice fermentation processes.

Question:  Could Bios Life be blended without chromium for persons who are allergic to chromium?

Answer:  Chromium is an important part of Bios Life. It sensitizes insulin, so that the glucose levels are in balance. It is also effective in preventing the occurrence of syndrome X, or pre-diabetes. Unfortunately, it is undertandable that we can not create products for individual persons.

Question:  How long, after taking Bios Life, should you wait to take other supplements to get the desired results from supplements specifically: Prostate TLC, PhytoPath and CoQ10.  Which supplements should be taken with, before or after a meal?

Answer:  A lot of products can be taken with Bios Life. Don't worry, Bios Life itself is a food.  It will increase the fiber, but there is hardly any change in the benefit, some supplements might take a little longer to absorb because Bios Life slows down the movement in the intestinal tract, but total amount will be the same.  Medications that need to be taken with a meal can be combined with Bios Life.  If it should be taken on an empty stomach don't take them with Bios Life.  The box says take one hour before and 4 hrs after, because that is a law in the US when fiber is in a product. The Governing Agents who approved this are looking into the need for reformulation of this law.  In fact minerals are better absorbed when combined with Bios Life.

Question:  When it is suggested that Bios Life be taken before a meal does the size of the meal matter?

Answer:  Bios Life Complete has four different mechanism, two mechanisms do not have anything to do with he meal. The third mechanisms concerns Liver syntheses inhabition.  Policosanol blocks the liver from synthesizing cholesterol, and the fourth mechanism is Chrysanthemum which promotes the break down of cholesterol in the blood and also has nothing to do with the meal. The first mechanism concerns blocking from reabsorption of cholesterol from intestinal system to the blood, the meal matters.  You need to combine Bios Life with the meal to get the maximum effect, 10 minutes before the meal is the best time.  If you eat a huge meal with a lot of fat you will have limited blocking effect of the Bios Life Complete, so if you eat more cholesterol in your diet you have less blocking ability than with a moderate amount.

Question:  Please explain what you mean by up regulation of liver enzymes and how it compares to statins. How does it cause liver damage?

Answer:  Does polycosanols have similar effects as statins?  No, polycosanols work different than statins.  They are a similar mechanism, but not exactly the same.  Statins bind to an enzyme that is responsible for synthesizing an intermediate molecule into the cholesterol pathway.  Polycosinols work in a very different way and does not have the side effects that statins have.  With statins, the liver starts to synthesize certain enzymes that indicate liver damage, with policosinols that is not the case.

QuestionIt is recommended to take bios 5 to 10 min before meal time. However sometimes after taking, we have to delay the mealtime. What is longest time after taking bios life before mealtime when its efficacy drops for cholesterol lowering effect?

Answer:  Bios Life is best taken in the window 30 - 10 minutes before the meal, so that the fiber has time to form its gel matrix in the digestive system. Our new product Bios Life Complete also has mechanisms that make it work at any time during the day, but it is still better to take it before any meal. I am not sure where you are in the world, but the new Bios Life is coming to you soon.

Question:  Is it helpful to recommend Bios Life 2 for a boy (15years) suffering with Diabetes mell. Type 1 (starts at the age of 12)?  Can Bios life degree the amount of parental insulin and how often should he take it per day?

Answer:  Bios Life is good for type one diabetics as well. It regulates sugar levels in the blood, and this will reduce the amount of insulin needed over time. It will also reduce HbA1c. Therefore it is important to monitor this closely. I suggest taking the product three times daily to reach maximum benefit.

Question:  (Water retention on Bios Life) I have a new client who says she gains 5-6 pounds when she takes it and has experimented and when she stops she loses it, starts again and gains it.  Why does this happen?

Answer:  Bios Life uses water to form a gel matrix in the body. Normally this would make the feces looser, and may cause diarrhea in the first days of use. I can not think of any mechanism that would keep the water in her digestive tract.

Question: I'd like to know if the company has any results of Bios Life Complete in diabetics.  Can we claim at least the same results that were described by the Bios Life 2 trial?

Answer:  BLC contains less fiber than BL2. About 67% of the content. Indeed, fiber is the important ingredient for sugar control in diabetes. My advice is to take BLC three times a day when you have diabetes. In this way you will receive more fiber than twice BL2 a day, and get all the other benefits that BLC offers on top of BL2. For diabetics this is even more important since they are at even higher risk for heart disease.

But: in NYC we will be launching Bios Life Neutral. This product has no sweetener, no flavoring, and the original fiber content of BL2. The product can be mixed with any drink, including juices etc.  

Also, we are currently studying the effects of BLC in two diabetic populations. The results look promising and will be presented at NYC as well. Return to Top

Cellular Essentials

Question:  Is our Cellular Essentials the only product we have with amino acids in it?

 Answer:  No we have more products that have amino acids.  For example, Enjuvenate and Quadplex.  These products provide pure amino acids that are needed to produce human growth hormone in the case of Enjuvenate and muscle tissue in the case of Quadplex.

 All products containing protein also provide amino acids, of course.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and digesting proteins will result in free amino acids.

Question:  Customer started taking Cellular Essentials a month or so ago, and is now concerned because her cholesterol has gone up.  Is this an indication that there was indeed placque buildup that is now being dissolved and that's why the cholesterol is showing up?  She's concerned because her doc may now want to put her on statin, which she doesn't want to do.  She has been on Bios for awhile also.

Answer:  Great response. That is exactly what is happening. The cellular essentials is reducing the plaque size and this results in cholesterol increases in the blood. After some time (1 - 2 months) of continued use with Bios Life, the levels will go down again. Return to Top


Question:  I would like to know whether the salmon Omega-3 oil is made from deep-sea salmon, and whether the toxic metals have been removed and purified before production?

Answer:  Our pharmaceutical-grade OmegaLife-3 fish oil is molecularly distilled to remove toxic metals, as verified through an independent, third-party laboratory analysis.

Question:  What should I take with the Men's Core Health to supply the omega 3 that is not in the product?

Answer:  It is very good advice to take OmegaLife-3 together with the Core Health. Fish oils, particularly in the amount that is present in this product has many health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, anti-inflammatory and brain effects.

Question: Can Bios Life Complete, or any of our other products, lower blood pressure?

Answer:  Bios Life is not designed for this.  Fish oil, OmegaLife 3, has been widely studied and has been shown to be very effective in lowering blood pressure.

Question: My Father had a great experience in lowering high blood pressure by using cellular essentials and vascular complete. Have these products been studied from this angle?

Answer:  No, because they were not designed for this.  Cellular Essentials clean the arteries from cholesterol plaque buildup and vascular complete strengthen the arterial walls to keep them flexible, so it is understandable that it would aid in lowering blood pressure.  The product that has been studied for High Blood Pressure is OmegaLife 3 Fish Oil.  Fish oil lowers blood pressure more effectively.

Question:  Are there any Unicity products that have been shown to be effective in treating autistic children? Any research or studies?

Answer:  We do not have specific products to deal with autism. Some studies, however, indicate that autistic children may have a shortage of fatty acids, and then in particular omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Very preliminary results have indicated some relief of symptoms by supplementing these. Unicity has a product called EFA that combines these types of fatty acids.

Question:  This past year my husband had a blood clot in his leg that broke off and went to his lungs. His lungs were completely saturated. He was walk-jogging 5 miles a day when this happened. He has had many tests, scans, etc. and his heart is great, no blockages anywhere and no cancer, they cannot find any reason for the clot. He is now on Coumadin, 5mg a day. What products should he take to help with this problem?

Answer:  OmegaLife-3 will help to keep the blood thin enough. The fish oil in this product increases blood fluidity. However since he is on Coumadin, he needs to discuss this with his doctor to prevent an overdose of this medicine. Both products together may result in a too thin blood.

Question:  The lady below has asked that I recommend her some products that can help her.

Due to her condition and the different medications that she is taking, I thought it would be better to check, with you, which Unicity products are best suited for her.

Her medical history and the drugs she is on are given below.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had the lump removed. She is under 4 courses of Cyclophosphamide and Adriamycin. She has undergone radio-therapy and is currently on Tomoxifen until the end of this year. Because of the side effect of the drugs she went through pre-menopause causing severe depression and chronic insomnia. She was refered to a psychiatrist and eventually diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder. Currently she is on Escitalopram (for mood control 5mg a night),Epilim (200mg morning and night)and Stilnox (for insomnia 10mg).

After taking the anti-depression drugs, she noticed that her memory has deteriorated and she suffers a reduce level of concentration to the extent that it affects her competency in job performance and is consistently lethargic.
She read that there are certain supplements which can boost the memory strength. Could you kindly recommend something, taking into account any adverse reaction to the drugs she is currently taking?

Answer:  I am sorry to hear about your health situation. The ingredients that are best researched in relation to cognitive and memory strength are, phosphatidyl serine, choline, fish oil, and gingko biloba. The first nutritionals are part of the nerves in the brain and ensure proper signal transduction between the brain cells. Gingko biloba is an herbal extract that can promote the blood flow to the brain, important for proper functioning of the brain. These ingredients can be found in Omega life 3 and CognoBlend. Return to Top


Question:  Is there any condition whereby a person should not take PhytoPath?

Answer:  Yes, one should not take PhytoPath during chemotherapy to treat cancer. This chemotherapy is a form of free radicals that in this case is necessary to kill cancer cells. Taking PhytoPath at the same time would counteract the effect of the chemotherapy.

Question:  A women in her early 30's, suffering from liver cancer and undergoing chemotherapy sessions to reduce the tumor and control the spread, has been advised to start on a combination of supplements to combat the free radicals and cancer molecules in her system and improve her immunity. As advised she has started taking Daily Produce 24, PhytoPath and Native Legend tea (when not undergoing treatments). She was also advised to start taking Red Clover or ChloroPlasma to help combat liver toxicity. She was told to double the dosage of these supplements, is this the correct approach and for how long should it be doubled?

Answer:  PhytoPath and Native Legend Tea should not be taken during chemotherapy. The antioxidant effects will counteract the effects of the chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be considered as a form of free radical damage, but in this case it is necessary to kill the cancerous growth of cells. Taking strong antioxidants would counteract the chemotherapy.

PhytoPath and Daily Produce 24 can be taken for the rest of your life. The ingredients are common food ingredients and will just promote your health during normal consumption. The Native Legend Tea is to be taken for a limited time, about six months or so. This product can be taken at the higher dose only for a few months, then return to normal dose. Do not use it continuously.

Question:  PhytoPath helps build the immune system, so will it aggravate rheumatoid arthritis, since rheumatoid arthritis is triggered by the immune system?

Answer:  Rheumatoid arthritis is classified as an auto-immune disorder so increasing the immune system will not make the complaints more severe. It is merely related to the onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

Question:  I was wondering what would be considered a therapeutic amount for the Phytopath? 

Also, do we have a product with selenium in it that would be used in conjunction with Vitamin E.  I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I have had the surgery, lumpectemy and now wish to use natural methods for healing and prevention in the future. 

Answer:  Your selection of products is perfect. Phytopath has vitamin E and can be perfectly combined with CoreHealth to get adequate selenium. I suggest you double up on the Phytopath dose. Return to Top

Vascular Complete™

Question:  What product works best for improving circulation to the lower legs?

Answer:  Vascular Complete, this product promotes the health of our vascular system and ensures the arterial walls to remain supple and prevents them from becoming stiff and brittle. Another product that could help is LoveRx. This product contains a lot of arginine, which is a natural precursor to nitric oxide. This acts as a vasodilator promoting blood flow to extremities, such as our legs and to other organs.

Question:  My husband recently had a growth removed and there was a lot of bleeding. The doctor asked him if he was taking any kind of blood thinner. Is there anything in Vascular Complete, or Daily Produce 24 that would cause a bleeding problem?

Answer:  There are no ingredients in Vascular Complete or Daily Produce 24 that are known to promote blood thinning. Ingredients from our product portfolio that do have an effect on blood thinning are fish oil, and gingko biloba. Return to Top


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