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Frequently Asked Questions - Immune Health

Aller Release

Question:  What is the source of Quercetin used in Aller Release?

Answer:  Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that comes from the pod and seed of an onion.

Question:  My new partner is an asthma sufferer.  She stopped her asthma meds about 4 weeks ago.  She was not taking it consistently.  She started CM Plex 3 weeks ago.  For the past few days she's been experiencing symptoms (tightness of the chest), What can she do? 

 I ordered her AllerRelease...she'll start taking it when she gets it. 

 This person also has heart palpitations . . . recommendations??? please????

 Answer:  It seems to me the stop of the medications may have caused the tightness of the chest. Your suggestion of AllerRelease makes good sense to try.

For the heart palpitations I would suggest to try cardio essentials. This product has cardio tonic substances that regulate heart beats.

Defend Ol

Question:  A customer of mine has an allergy issue.  She has been taking the Defend Ol for a week and after the first week for about another week, at night she has a stuffy and runny nose.  She took Claritin and Defend Ol at the same time to combat these symptoms.  Can you tell me why this might be happening?  Is it because the Defend Ol is working?

Answer:  With just one observation like this, it may be due to anything, such as a cold or recurrence of the allergy. When Defend Ol is working, these symptoms are not part of that.


Question: My main health issue is strengthening my immune system, as I have recently dealt with a severe case of herpes zostler. I am 52 years young and I take 6 capsules of Immunizen daily along with BiosLife.  I also take Daily Produce 24, BoneMate, Fish Oil, Liver Essentials and Cardio Essentials. Is this the best thing I can do for my immune system or is there anything else I should be doing?

Answer:  Immunizen is our best immune promoting product based on lactoferrins, colostrum, beta-glucans and arabinogalactans, it is a maintenance immune system product. You are right you can take it everyday, if you want a boost in your immune system, because of taking Immunizen so long, you might want to try taking FIG a strong extract of echinacea or you may consider chloroplasma, rich in blue green algae, these are know to stimulate the immune system as well.

Question:  In a call it was mentioned that all the packaging of products contain a one month's supply.

How is this with Immunizen? It states that I have to take 6 capsules daily, which means that it is enough for 10 days.

And do I have to continue using the product?

Answer:  This is the one exception. Immunizen is taken normally for a shorter period of time when there is a problem with the immune system.


Question:  I have a client who uses Echinacea to prevent colds and Herbal Cold & Flu tablets - not sure whether they are for prevention to help with recovery. Do any of our products contain Echinacea and what combination of products do you recommend for prevention of and quicker recovery from upper respiratory tract infections?  

Answer:  Yes, we have Echinacea in the product SIG; 320 mg per daily serving. For optimal strength I advise to combine this product with Immunizen.


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