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Frequently Asked Questions - Weight Loss

Lean Control System

Question:  Is there any information available about the use of the Lean Control System before I buy the product? Is one pack equivalent to a month's supply?

Answer:  The Lean Control System, like all of Unicity's products (with the exception of promotional packs), are packaged and designed for a month's supply.

Question:  Can you identify any ingredient in the Lean Control products (capsules only), that might have documented side effects such as a cough or choking feeling in the throat, with no other symptom at all. I also take Fish Oil and Bios Life Complete every day.

Answer:  I can only think of one of the Lean Control products that might cause this: ChitoRich. The ChitoRich label states that you should not take this product if you are allergic to shell fish. Or it could be that you are using too little consumption of water with the Bios Life.

Question:  Any conflict between Lean Control and high blood pressure.  Can high blood pressure people take this?

Answer:  The product PowerBurn which is part of Lean Control is the only one that may suggest a role for high blood pressure. Our two trials with the product, however, indicate no relevant change on blood pressure, when taking this product.Return to Top


Question:  What two products should you take for lack of energy?

Answer:  Power Burn a thermogenic booster and Herbal Voltage provides energy in the form of natural caffeine and carbohydrates. Return to Top



Lean Control System