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Frequently Asked Questions - Wellness


Question:  If a woman in her 30's has a thyroid problem and wants to lose weight, what is advised for her to take?

Answer:  This depends on the type of thyroid problem she has. With hypothyroidism, the thyroid works too slowly so iodine supplementation would be advised. Core Health for Men and Core Health for Women contain an adequate amount of iodine.

Hyperthyroidism is just the opposite; L-carnitine could significantly improve symptoms such as palpitations, nervousness and asthenia. It also seems to reduce elevated serum levels of alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT), and ferritin elicited by thyroid hormone. L-Carnitine can be found in e.g. Cardio Essentials.

Question:  What should be taken for a low thyroid function? What about high thyroid function?

Answer:  When you have too low thyroid function the only really effective nutrient is iodine supplementation. This is present in Core Health. When the thyroid is functioning at a high level it is working too hard, but there is no real good nutritional approach, but this should be treated by a doctor.

Question:  What is the meaning about the warning of diabetes related issues and the level of chromium in the Male Core Pack.

Answer:  Contains chromium, if you have diabetes consult with a physician before taking this product suggests that it is not good for you and that is absolutely not true.  It is so good for you that we want your doctor to be aware of that.  If you have chromium in a product your insulin is going to work better.  Your sugar is going to go lower in your blood and this is a good thing if you are aware of it so that you don't go to low in sugar.  You need to discuss this with your doctor.  The warning gives the wrong message for some people. Return to Top

Daily Produce

Question:  How are the fruits and vegetables in Daily Produce 24 grown, harvested, and processed?

Answer:  Daily Produce 24 consists of 24 different fruits and vegetables that are grown under strict organic conditions. The products are analyzed for pesticides and herbicides by an external laboratory and the results are that there is absolutely nothing present in the raw materials of this product.

The crops are picked at maturity, and gently processed with a technique called flash glancing. This technology concentrates the raw materials by a factor 36 and uses absolutely no heat, which would be detrimental to the potency of the phytonutrients in the product. It is then packed in vegetable capsules.

Question:  During chemotherapy can the patient take Daily Produce 24?

Answer:  Daily Produce 24 is not primarily an antioxidant product, but a phytonutrient product. Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for everyone, also people with health concerns

Question:  I am curious to know if the Produce 24 and the LifeHealth fruit and vegetables are the same potency or not. I was under the impression that LifeHealth provides 100% of vitamins and antioxidants daily...but does the Produce 24 also do this? Is one product more superior than the other?

Answer:  In Life Health there is the same amount of DP 24. In Life Health on the Go, there is 1/3 of the amount of one daily dose of DP 24. Return to Top

Fitness Products

Question: The mst common request of fitness trainer and sport institutes is: Why is the resorption-velocity (of hypoosmolar XXtra) faster than the velocity of other isotonic sports drinks, for example Gatorade.

XXtra, as we know, is a hypoosmolar drink, when it is mixed up with 500 ml water. We know that theoretically the velocity is fastest, if there is Plasma-isotonic condition with blood or intestinal mucosa. Even when xxtra is mixed up with water, which contains other minerals, the Osmolality does not reach isotonic conditions.

Pure Water for example is a hypoosmolar drink too. It is not recommended because of loss of minerals, when it reaches intestinal system. Do we have to say that xxtra is therefore the best compromise of fast water resorption and good resorption of minerals without time delay caused by dilution intraintestinal?

So what is your recommendation of answering to this question?

May I use detailed information of the testing system to explain this point?

I am sorry of the accuracy of my request, but I am faced with this point everytime I am working with sportsmen  and trainers. I have started doing presentations in a big sport institute in and therfore I have to answer every question very precisely and detailed.

Answer:  You are absolutely right. Distilled water will have the lowest osmolality available, and will therefor hydrate cells the quickest. But water has no minerals, and other phytonutrients. LowOz has a very low osmolality (but not as low as water), and still provides the minerals, antioxidants, and other energy nutrients out body needs during and after a work-out.  Get the best of both worlds...

Question:  I have concerns over the MyoCap sports supplement for recovery. Is the amount of arginine significant for an individual who has had herpes in the past but is otherwise healthy today? Would you recommend that they take lysine to combat the arginine as the arginine can apparently cause irritation regarding the herpes virus? Thanks for your help.

Answer:  In relation to the herpes question. I must admit this was new info to me, but after some research it makes sense to add some lysine to the diet to improve the ratio when taking MyoCap. Return to Top

Vitamin E

Question:  What products do we have that will help someone who has Ataxia? Not the Spinal Ataxia, just Ataxia.

Answer:  Ataxia is a disorder that is characterized by the inability to coordinate muscular movements. It is a genetically determined disorder with a background in the nervous system. Not many dietary ingredients have been shown to have a clear benefit, but some may help to alleviate the symptoms. These are vitamin E, Choline, and 5-HTP. Vitamin E works only if the ataxia is associated with severe vitamin E deficiency, as it sometimes is. Some reports also suggest to take CoQ10. Return to Top


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